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WellnessFASS® is the wellness brand of Swiss SECT GmbH. Since the year 2004 our offer has evolved and today we are the shop for wellness in your own backyard with customers in the Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Germany, Austria, Italy and France.
WellnessFASS® - ny namorona anarana efa lasa ny forohana ! WellnessFASS® ny Wellness marika ny Soisa sekta GmbH. Satria 2004 Efa nivoatra ny tolotra sy ny ankehitriny isika no mampiavaka fivarotana ny Wellness eo amin'ny zaridaina amin'ny mpanjifa tany Soisa, Lichtenstein, Alemaina, Aotrisy, Italia sy Frantsa. Bei WellnessFASS erhalten Sie ein … Continue Reading ››