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Zagros Mountains  The "Zagros Mountains" (رشته كوه زاگرس , Aramaic: ܛܘܪ ܙܪܓܣ, زنجیره‌چیاکانی زاگرۆس , Lurish: کو یه لی زاگروس, جبال زغروس ) are the largest mountain range in Iran and Iraq. With a total length of 1,500 km (932 mi), from northwestern Iran, and roughly correlating with Iran's western border, the Zagros range spans the whole length of the western and southwestern Iranian plateau and ends at the Strait of Hormuz. The highest points in the Zagros Mountains are Zard Kuh-bakhtiari and Dena. The Hazaran massif in the Kerman province of Iran forms an eastern outlier of the range, the Jebal Barez reaching into Sistan. زاگرس  '''Zagros Mountains

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Predicting the Occurrence of Natural Fires in Forests and Ranges using Artificial Neural Networks (Case Study: Zagros Region, Izeh Township)
مطلوبیت زیستگاه دارکوب سیاه Dryocopusmartius در دو فصل زمستان و بهار در جنگل شصت کلاته گرگان  
Conservation of Biodiversity in Central Zagros Landscapes
همایش «حقوق و جایگاه مردمان بومی و جوامع محلی در نظام حقوقی ایران و بین الملل»