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Bien que le FCFA d'Afrique centrale soit à parité égale avec le FCFA d'Afrique de l'Ouest, les deux monnaies ne sont généralement pas acceptées comme instruments de paiement hors de leurs zones respectives de circulation.
The regional central bank, the BEAC, issues CFA for circulation among the members of the CEMAC. Although the Central African franc is at par with the West African CFA franc, the two currencies are not usually accepted for payment in each other’s zones.  
Ce que cela signifie : Les nouvelles entités d’examen des demandes deviendront le point central d’accès et de demande de services aux personnes ayant une déficience intellectuelle dans leurs zones respectives.
What this means: The new application entities will become the central point of access and application for developmental services in their respective areas. They will be responsible for applying the new eligibility criteria fairly and consistently across the province. Everyone will be assessed using the common application package to measure their support needs and inform support planning within the same provincial standards for service and application.  
Une formation rapprochée offrait en outre une meilleure protection contre les chasseurs. Chaque avion était responsable d’une zone et comptait sur les autres avions pour prendre en charge leurs zones respectives.
It was necessary to maintain a formation as close as possible to insure a good bomb pattern on the ground. A close formation would also provide a better means of protection from enemy fighters. Each plane had to protect his designated range and relied on the other members of the group to protect theirs. This was supposed to present a continuous wall of tracers to an enemy attacking from any direction. It worked most of the time.
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L'Office des terres et des eaux de la vallée du Mackenzie mène les évaluations dans les régions non visées par un accord de règlement (Deh Cho, Akaitcho et South Slave) et pour les projets traversant les frontières de zones de peuplement. L'Office des terres et des eaux des Gwich'in, celui du Sahtu et celui du Wek'eezhii effectuent un examen préalable dans leurs zones respectives visées par des revendications territoriales.
Proposed projects in the Northwest Territories, outside of the Inuvialuit Settlement Region, are subject to environmental assessment or preliminary screenings pursuant to the Mackenzie Valley Resource Management Act. The Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board conducts assessments in areas without settlement agreements (the Deh Cho, Akaitcho and South Slave) and for proposed projects crossing boundaries of settlement areas. The Gwich'in Land and Water Board, Sahtu Land and Water Board and Wek'eezhii Land and Water Board conduct preliminary screenings in their respected land claim areas.  
Nos appareils sont habituellement montés discrètement dans un local technique en sous-sol, sur le toit ou intégrés dans un faux plafond ou un faux mur. Dans la plupart des cas, l’air est dirigé à travers un réseau de gainage jusqu’aux zones respectives où uniquement les grilles de soufflage ou d’aspiration sont visibles.
The product range includes air handling units on the one hand and decentral units like fan coil units, cassette fan coil units for suspended ceilings, unit heaters, warm air curtains and close control units on the other hand. These are applied in all kinds of buildings. Examples include banks, hospitals, rest homes, showrooms, shops and pharmaceutical companies. Furthermore, we possess numerous references of applications in office buildings, swimming pools, hotels, production halls and storage halls. Our units are usually mounted discretely in a technical room in a basement, on top of a roof or are concealed in a suspended ceiling or a false wall. In most cases, the air is sent through a network of channels to the respective areas where only the outlet or inlet grids are visible.  
Une fois extraits des carrières et pour éviter laisser le pays comme un fromage gruyère (plein de trous), les carrières sont remplis de déchets de la construction et avec les taxes payées pour ceux qui extraient les minéraux et ceux qui les remplissent, l’équipe de paysagistes Pleydell & Smithyman réalise des projets non seulement de restauration des sites pour embellir le paysage, mais pour développer le potentiel économique des zones respectives.
Construction activity is frantic in London, for which an enormous amount of mineral (sand and gravel) is required. Once extracted from quarries and stop prevent the country remains as a gruyere cheese, quarries are filled with construction debris own and with taxes paid for each (who that extract minerals and the other they fill them), the team of landscape architects Pleydell & Smithyman carry out projects not only to restore the landscape but to develop the economic potential of the respective areas. With various uses such to construct luxury homes, marinas (flooding the old quarries), a museum of Anglo-Saxon pieces of the ninth to thirteenth centuries found at the site, or the extension of a famous zoo (the second most important in England) with an outdoor area, we are developing various projects in cooperation with them in Oxeter, Colchester, Paschangar, Cranebrook and elsewhere in the Middle lands.  
Il y a toutes sortes d'événements qui peuvent survenir dans n'importe quelle partie de l'Afghanistan. Il faut savoir aussi que les pays dont les militaires sont dans le nord ou dans l'ouest veulent maintenir la sécurité dans leurs zones respectives d'opérations.
Is one region of the country more at risk than another? We noted that when we deploy the necessary forces to establish security in the south or the east, the extremists move, in the west or in the north. So we have to deal with threats in all areas. And the threats we are dealing with are the most serious or the most significant, at the moment, because of the use of devices referred to as improvised explosive devices. Suicide bombs could be triggered anywhere. In the south, last year, there was a concentration of Taliban launching strikes against NATO. They saw that it wasn't going to work. Is one country more vulnerable than another? For the time being, probably not. There are a host of events which could occur in any part of Afghanistan. You cannot forget that the countries that have a military presence in the north or the west want to maintain security in their respective theatres. That is one of the reasons why they're reluctant to move their troops elsewhere.