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Un zoo aquatique à la maison
An aquazoo for your home
Les pensionnaires du zoo aquatique disparaissent puis réapparaissent mystérieusement...
The water park animals disappear and reappear mysteriously.
Il est en proie à de graves problèmes de biodiversité. Fondamentalement, le lac Ontario est un zoo aquatique. La plupart des espèces de poisson dominantes sont des espèces étrangères que des services gouvernementaux et parfois la province elle-même ont introduites dans le lac.
Lake Ontario suffers from pollution problems. It suffers from tremendous biodiversity issues. Basically, Lake Ontario is an aquatic zoo. Most of the dominant fish species are aliens stocked by government agencies or in some cases provincially. Urban sprawl and changing agricultural practices in southwestern Ontario are having a tremendous impact on aquatic species. The number of aquatic species that will be on our lists is increasing as we address them. They're increasing probably much faster than the number of terrestrial species—all sorts of strange mussels and clams and things. This is where the next wave of extinctions will be in Canada, in our aquatic species.