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Du Zoo humain
From the human Zoo
Nai Soi est un camp de réfugiés, mais ses habitants ont un passeport de l'ONU qui dit qu'ils sont. Nai Soi est une sorte de zoo humain. Ils sont enfermés, le paiement de l'accès des touristes -250 bahts, environ € 7- et bien que le gouvernement thaïlandais à ne pas obligée de porter des colliers, sont indirectement forcés.
Nai Soi is a refugee camp, but its inhabitants have a UN passport which says they are. Nai Soi is a kind of human zoo. They are locked, the tourist access payment -250 Baht, about seven euros- and although the Thai government not forced to wear necklaces, are indirectly coerced. "The Thais just give money to families whose women continue to carry the rings", afirma Majon. A sum of 1.500 baht a month exactly, 40 euros at the exchange. The rest, those who have decided to take it off, receives only a generous amount of rice to ensure its subsitencia. Vegetables, curry and other staples of the Asian diet, are again reserved only for those who keep the tradition and do not break with the tourist business that Thais have mounted.