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Two photo IDs with a very special format: 5 x 5 cm, without glasses, with zoom on your face and shoulders, in colors.
A photocopy of the French company’s balance sheet « bilan comptable simplifié » (2 to 5 pages)
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Hong Kong Daily Zoom on Agriculture du GRET/CTA, 17 décembre 2005
GRET/CTA, Hong Kong Daily Zoom on Agriculture, December 17th 2005
L’application est simple à utiliser et permet de visualiser en quelques étapes seulement les entrées de marchandise, les volumes de commande, l’avancement des préparations, de l’emballage ou des sorties. Grâce à la fonction de zoom, on peut faire apparaître différents niveaux de détails. L’application est configurable selon les besoins de chacun et propose différentes langues et types de dialogues. Les données filtrées de manière intelligente peuvent être appelées sous forme de tableaux ou de graphiques.
The KPIs derived from these data can be thus visualized through the app. As a result, logistics processes are becoming more and more transparent and can be monitored or controlled in a more efficient way. The app is user-friendly. In only a few steps, you can have, for example, an overview on the goods receiving, the order volumes, order picking progress and the statuses in the packaging or shipment area. Multi-level information can be displayed via drilldown functions. The app`s structure can be configured according to personal needs. Various dialog types and languages are integrated; filter data in be configured intelligently and viewed not only as graphic representations, but also in a tabular form.