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Os malaire ou zygomatique: Os de la joue.
Orbital cavity: hollow part of the skull which contains the eye.
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Os malaire ou zygomatique: Os de la joue.
Orbital cavity: hollow part of the skull which contains the eye.
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Arcade zygomatique
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Arcade zygomatique
"Les signes de la beauté" sont présents: Une region malar marqué , le zygomatique proéminent et la mâchoire bien marqué. Aussi " l'effet blush " et l'harmonia des lèvres, du nez et du menton aident pour former sa belle image.
We can found "The beauty signs": A malar well delineated, the zygomatic prominent and a well marked jaw contour. "We can found also the "blush effect" and the harmony of the lips, the nose and the chin that help form her astonished beautiful image.
L’organisme humain dispose d’une multitude de mécanismes de protection. À titre d’exemple, on retrouve entre la clavicule et l’os zygomatique environ 250 ganglions lymphatiques chargés de combattre les infections.
Healthy tonsils are small, rounded lumps at the back of the throat on each side, visible just above the tongue. They are part of a ring of lymphoid tissue in the back of the throat that includes the adenoids. The adenoids must be checked with an angled mirror since they lie between the back of the nose and the throat.
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Leur largeur est au moins égale à la moitié de leur longueur ; elles ne se redressent que faiblement ; attachées plutôt en arrière au niveau de la ligne zygomatique, elles sont relativement serrées ; on apprécie une oreille souple avec un bord antéro-interne en forme d’ourlet bien marqué parfaitement accolé à la joue ; l’extrémité inférieure de l’oreille se termine en pointe légèrement arrondie.
Leathers : Well developed, in length they should, without being stretched, reach the tip of the nose.  Their width is at least equal to half their length; raised only very slightly; base rather narrow, set rather backwards at level of zygomatic arches; a supple ear with a front rim well turned inwards and really close to the cheek is appreciated; the lower extremity of the ear ends in a slightly rounded tip.
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sp. ; cette nouvelle espèce est caractérisée par sa petite taille, son foramen infraorbitaire en position basse et antérieure, la racine zygomatique basse, un long palais osseux et une P1 à deux racines.
Four taxa of ceratomorph perissodactyls are identified from the lower Alay beds (latest early Eocene, Ypresian) at the Andarak 2 locality in Kyrgyzstan: the deperetellid Teleolophus medius Matthew & Granger, 1925 (= Deperetella ferganica Belyaeva, 1962), the rhodopagid Pataecops minutissimus (Reshetov, 1979) n. comb. (= Pataecops microdon Reshetov, 1979), the amynodontid Sharamynodon kirghisensis (Belyaeva, 1971), and the lophialetid Eoletes tianshanicus n. sp.; this new species is characterized by its small size, a low and anteriorly situated infraorbital foramen, a low zygomatic root, a long bony palate and a two-rooted P1.
« J’ai l’impression dans la vie que tout part des yeux. Pour moi ça n’a pas de prix. C’est super important et j’en profite à tous les jours. » Pour une athlète aquatique, les blessures aux yeux sont chose courante. En sautant du dix mètres, il est possible de briser le zygomatique (l’os autour des yeux) ou d’avoir une infection causée par la force de l’eau lors du contact avec les yeux.
For Roseline, eyes are something to be treasured. She considers herself lucky to be able to marvel at the world around her and to take in all the wonders that life has to offer. “I feel like everything in life starts with the eyes. They provide something money can’t buy. It’s so important and brings me joy every day.” For aquatics athletes, eye injuries are commonplace. When you jump from ten metres, it’s easy to fracture the zygomatic bone (the bone surrounding the eyes) or get an infection from the force of water on the eyes. Being ten metres up was also what made Roseline realize she had a visual impairment. She began wearing glasses in daily life, but quickly realized that contact lenses would be indispensable for diving. “I began wearing contact lenses in 2004 because I could no longer see the end of the platform. It was becoming dangerous. That’s of course the reason I decided to go with one-day lenses—I lost so many of them diving that the monthly lenses started getting a bit expensive (laughs)!"