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Site Web:,
صفحة إنترنت:,  
And the French version :
Et la version anglaise ici :  
Want to know more? Well, don't miss this video! Maurici Ginés, the designer of the product designer, explains it himself:
Vous souhaitez en savoir plus? Eh bien, ne manquez pas cette vidéo! Le propriétaire Maurici Ginés, concepteur de produit, cous l'explique:
¿Quieres saber más? ¡Pues no te pierdas este vídeo! El propio Maurici Ginés, diseñador del producto, te lo explica:
En vols saber més? Doncs no et perdis aquest vídeo! El propi Maurici Ginés, dissenyador del producte, t'ho explica:  
To see a video of the exhibition:
Video della mostra:
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More info at:
Mehr Infos unter:  
More info :
Plus d’infos :
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Watch plenary meeting live stream on YouTube
Трансляция пленарного заседания будет доступна на YouTube по ссылке  
Learn more:
Più informazioni:  
Vídeo en:  
Vidéo :  
In this link you can see images of the day of the presentation:
En aquest enllaç podeu veure imatges del dia de la presentació:
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Video review:
Youtube Pilatusbahn video
Vídeo del Pilatusbahn al Youtube  
BUENOS AIRES? #GreatEscapeVideoClip #GreatEscapeOnVEVO is winning
BUENOS AIRES? #GreatEscapeVideoClip #GreatEscapeOnVEVO está ganando  
Follow the directions in this video to participate in our YouTube draw to win maybe a rebreather baptism!
Folgen Sie den Anweisungen in diesem Video, um an unserem YouTube-Draw teilzunehmen, um vielleichteine rebreather Taufe zu gewinnen!  
Link to the project video:
Link al video del progetto:  
1st Prize: Kaitlin Kharas
1er prix : Kaitlin Kharas
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Video clip:
Clip vidéo:
Urban Large-Eddy Simulation of turbulent flow in the city of Macau, video:
Mit dem Modell PALM simulierte Turbulenz-Eigenschaften für die Halbinsel Macau, Video:  
Because every interested webmaster in the world is able to register and buy his own . be domain, many orders from the European and American countries were recorded: The well-known video platform YouTube for example uses a .
Besonders belgische Unternehmen und Privatpersonen kaufen und registrieren die persönliche .be Top-Level-Domain, um im Internet eine kulturelle, wirtschaftliche oder ethnische Verbindung zu Belgien und der Bevölkerung zu unterstreichen. Da die Domain jedoch von jedem Webmaster auf der Welt registriert werden kann, zeichnen sich auch viele Bestellungen aus dem europäischen und amerikanischen Ausland ab: Unter anderem nutzt beispielsweise die bekannte Videoplattform YouTube eine .be Domain für den URL-Shortening-Service - auch einige Unternehmen in dem Schweizer Kanton Bern setzen auf die .be Domain und zweckentfremden die eigentlich länderspezifische Top-Level-Domain damit.  
Did you miss this event? Watch the TV report made by AKTIV:
Did you miss it? Watch the TV report about the show made by AKTIV:
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EGN promotional video dedicated to the International Year of Sustainable Tourism in 2017:
Inicio > Noticias Video promocional de EGN dedicado al Año Internacional de Turismo Sostenible 2017:  
We share the video with you
Condividiamo con voi il video
Nós compartilhamos o vídeo com você
Compartim el vídeo amb vosaltres
Dijelimo video sa sobom
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The news Telenoche, by Channel 13, disseminated our activities. The report, our Cicerone Maria Celia shares a ride with visitors from New York
El noticiero Telenoche, por Canal 13, difundió nuestras actividades. En dicho informe,  nuestra Cicerone María Celia comparte un paseo con visitantes de New York
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Available on line now the new demo-video of material handling for hexagonal bundles, available on our youtube channel! Enjoy!!! … [read more]
È online il nuovo demo-video del material handling per il taglio di fasci esagonali, disponibile sul nostro canale youtube! Buona visione!!! … [leggi]  
For those who were not in “gourmet street” that day in March, here are some photos and a film by Frédéric Plénard … = W9MEaDYk6a4&
Pour ceux qui n’étaient pas dans “la rue gourmande” ce jour de mars, en voici quelques photos et un film de Frédéric Plénard …
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The Dreaming Stream is a beautiful 4 stars tourist residence (CITQ - Corporation de l'Industrie Touristique du Québec) built with noble materials on an enchanting site in the heart of the Laurentians, Quebec, Canada. Web site: Virtual tour: The Dreaming Stream welcomes...
Magnifique résidence touristique classée 4 étoiles (CITQ - Corporation de l'Industrie touristique du Québec) au cachet unique construite avec des matériaux nobles sur un site enchanteur en plein cœur de la région des Laurentides, Québec, Canada. Site web: Visite virtuelle: Le...  
This is a band that are passionate about their music. Three musicians who will give their utmost before everything is over. It All Ends is just the beginning. Album video teaser:
Svenske Black Temple har siden starten i 2010 har bygget et rykte som en av landets mest hardtslående live band! I august kommer bandets første album på Razzia Records, It All Endsut. Med Magnus Lindberg (Cult of Luna) i produsentstolen utforsker bandet nye territorier i sitt musikalske landskap. Dette er et band som oser lidenskap for musikken sin og tre musikere som vil gi sitt ytterste før alt er over. It All Ends er bare begynnelsen! Se en video teaser av det nye albumet her:  
CONURMA - SUCURSAL PERU will perform the technical, administrative and environmental supervision of the execution of the works of the new penitentiary institution of Ica ((, that includes activites such as preliminary works, temporary works, earthworks, foundations, structures, hydraulic and sanitation services, electric and electromechanic installations, telecommunications, CCTV, architecture, finishes, equipments (sanitary, workshops, furniture, etc) and any other activity in the scope of the project.
CONURMA – SUCURSAL PERÚ realizará la supervisión de la Obra "Instalación del servicio de readaptación social en el nuevo establecimiento penitenciario de ICA" ( Se encargará de la supervisión técnica, administrativa y ambiental de la ejecución de la totalidad de las obras, realizando, entre otros, el control de los trabajos preliminares, obras provisionales, movimiento de tierras, cimentaciones, estructuras, instalaciones hidráulicas y sanitarias, instalaciones eléctricas y electromecánicas, comunicaciones, video vigilancia, arquitectura, acabados, equipamiento (de salud, talleres, mobiliario, etc) y todo lo que esté involucrado dentro del ámbito del Proyecto.
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